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Project Description

Delivery Specifications


  • Concrete slab, columns and suspended concrete slab ceiling.

  • Design floor loading of:
    1st Floor 100 lbs psf
    2nd Floor 150 lbs psf
    3rd Floor 50 lbs psf

Exterior Glazing & Cladding

  • Windows thermally broken aluminum framed double glazed windows.

  • Corrugated metal, cement panel or coated concrete exterior walls insulated to meet ASHRAE 2010 standards.


  • Sprinklered to NFPA 13

  • HVAC heating/cooling via individual fan coil units suspended from central location. Downstream distribution is not provided. Ducting can be run to removable panels at the top of the storefront glazing.


  • 600A 347/600V three phase main service.

  • Communication: conduits to Main Communication Room.

  • Fire Alarm Main panel for building.

  • Exit signs for shell occupancy.

  • Signage: Junction box and through wall conduit.

  • Lighting: T8 Flourescent fixtures to provide a light level suitable for show lighting only.

  • Lighting: High efficiency LED lighting to common areas & parkade.